Let’s celebrate the nation’s entrepreneurs’ efforts and success in revolutionizing and mapping the future. Here are some materials to help you feel empowered to take that leap and start your own business.

  • Graduate entrepreneurship

    Graduate Entrepreneurship will help you: develop the entrepreneurial mindset you need to start a business, learn the secret to effective sales, marketing and strategy, boost your creativity so that you can discover more ideas, and acquire a step-by-step action plan on how to execute a promising business concept.

  • Patterns in social entrepreneurship research

    This impressive book outlines the complexities peculiar to the field of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship, as a multi-disciplinary field, presents a unique opportunity and environment for researchers to contribute to academic-focused knowledge on both theoretical frameworks and practical skills on a holistic level.

  • Entrepreneurship for the rest of us

    Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us reveals the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are adept at continually innovating and seeing opportunity where others do not.

  • Second stage entrepreneurship

    Second Stage Entrepreneurship shows the aspiring entrepreneur how to create significant growth as their company scales its way to the top through the development of organizational structure, from setting up an effective company culture, to structuring an effective sales team and to helping create stand out customer interactions.

  • Social entrepreneurship for the 21st century

    This book demystifies the complex world of social entrepreneurship, providing all the information you need to understand social investment and innovation, whether you’re a private investor, policymaker, nonprofit manager, or passionate and engaged donor.

  • Entrepreneurship quizzes

    Building on the proven format of Career Quizzes and College Major Quizzes, the 12 quizzes in Entrepreneurship Quizzes are self-assessments and action-plans designed to help readers explore their interests, preferences, values, and other personal characteristics and then apply those characteristics to their choice of a business.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Introduces the concept of entrepreneurship, covering how to develop ideas into business plans, marketing strategies, and money management.

  • Start your pet-sitting business

    Imagine watching and playing with someone's pets for the day while getting paid for it too. Learn everything you need to know to get started. Read about tips on how to grow your business, build your reputation, and manage your time and money.

  • Teen guide to starting a business

    Presents information and advice for teens about starting and running a business.

  • The young entrepreneur's guide to starting and running a business

    Through stories of young entrepreneurs who have started businesses, this book illustrates how to turn hobbies, skills, and interests into profit-making ventures. This book reveals the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur and covers the nuts and bolts of getting a business up, running and successful.