Celebrate National Doughnut Day with these scrumptious doughnut books just for kids!
National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday in June.

  • If you Give a Dog a Donut
    Numeroff, Laura

    Chaos might ensue if you were to give a dog a donut.

  • The Donut Chef
    Staake, Bob

    In this delicious tale, a baker hangs out his shingle on a small street and soon the line for his donuts stretches down the block. But it's not long before the competition arrives and a battle of the bakers ensues.

  • Minnie and Moo: The Case of the Missing Jelly Donut
    Cazet, Denys

    Cow friends Minnie and Moo search for a jelly donut thief who may have left behind a blue feather.

  • Arnie the Doughnut series

    Arnie the talking doughnut convinces Mr. Bing that not all doughnuts are meant to be eaten. A deliciously imaginative story about friendship-from the author - illustrator of The Scrambled States of Am erica.

  • Okie Dokie Donuts: Open for Business!
    Eliopoulos, Chris

    Welcome to Okie Dokie Donuts, run by pastry pioneer and cunning culinarian, Big Mama! But running a donut shop isn't easy! Trouble is always poking holes in Big Mama's fun. But as long as our large and lovely heroine has friends and plenty of chocolate icing, nothing can stop Okie Dokie Donuts from becoming a pastry powerhouse!

  • The Doughnut Fix
    Janowitz, Jessie

    When his family moves to tiny Petersville, eleven-year-old Tris stops focusing on his perfect sister, Jeanine, by using his cooking expertise to revive a town tradition of chocolate cream doughnuts.-- Provided by Publisher.