Must reads for July explores travel. Happy reading!

  • Travel With Purpose: A field guide to voluntourism
    Jeff Blumenfeld

    Travel With Purpose relays examples from Blumenfeld's travels and many others from Las Vegas to Nepal. From health care facilities to impoverished schools. These are stories of inspiration from everyday people, all of whom have definite opinions about the best way to approach that first volunteer vacation.

  • Rick Steves' Travel as a Political Act
    Rick Steves

    With gripping stories from Rick's decades of exploration, this fully revised edition of Travel as a Political Act is an antidote to the current climate of xenophobia. When we travel thoughtfully, we bring back the most beautiful souvenir of all: a broader perspective on the world that we all call home.

  • Road Trips: A guide to travel, adventure, and choosing your own path
    Jen CK Jacobs

    Road Trips is the ultimate guide to inspire wanderlust and spark new adventures. From coming-of-age solo journeys to romantic weekend getaways, friend-filled road trips, and more, Road Trips features eight travel stories packed with photos and personal experiences that bring the adventures of the road to life.

  • No Access Washington, DC
    Beth Kanter

    No Access Washington, DC is a collection of the hidden places and little-known facts about the nation's capital. These are the secret gems of the city and most are completely off limits to the public. Through these pages explore the mansion on O Street, the Federal Reserve, burial sites, tucked away establishments, secret gardens, and so much more.

  • Road Trip Yellowstone: Adventures just outside America's favorite park
    Dina Mishev

    Whether you're planning your next trip to Yellowstone, cherish fond memories of the park, or hope to visit it someday, Road Trip Yellowstone is more than an inspiring guide offering insider information on the best things to see and do within 100 miles of the park's five entrances.

  • Ultimate Eats: The world's top 500 food experiences...ranked

    The world's top 500 food experiences, ranked! We asked the planet's top chefs, food writers and our food-obsessed authors to name their favorite, most authentic gastronomic encounters--and this is the result! Ultimate Eats is the follow-up to our bestselling Ultimate Travel and is a must-own bucket list for foodies and those who love to travel.

  • Backroads of Florida
    Paul M. Franklin

    Can you still find untouched stretches of velvety sand and warm waves in the Sunshine State? Yes! More than ever! From the funky, timeless charm of Key West to the haunted history of Amelia Island, veteran travel writers Paul M. Franklin and Nancy Mikula will introduce you to another side of Florida, where quiet rural byways and quirky roadside charm lie just beyond the glittering coastal cities and trendy beach resorts.

  • Lonely Planet Discover Florida

    Provides information about travel in Florida, including lodging, sights, amusements, maps, and itineraries.

  • The Not-Quite States of America: Dispatches from the territories and other far-flung outposts of the USA
    Doug Mack

    Everyone knows that America is 50 states and...some other stuff. Scattered shards in the Pacific and the Caribbean, the not-quite states--American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands--and their 4 million people are often forgotten, even by most Americans. But they're filled with American flags, U.S. post offices, and Little League baseball games. How did these territories come to be part of the United States? What are they like? And why aren't they states?

  • The Pacific Northwest's Best Trips: 32 amazing road trips
    Becky Ohlsen

    All the best Pacific Northwest escapes with trips ranging from two days to two weeeks; Driving directions make on-the road navigation easy; Themed itineraries help travellers choose the right experience for them.