Interested in learning more about diabetes? The Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library has a number of informative books and ebooks about the many types of diabetes. From books targeting medical professionals to children, we hope this list will help you on journey to find out more about this disease.

  • What you need to know about diabetes

    Diabetes may be a familiar word, although you may not understand the disease or its two different types. But the more you know about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of diabetes, the better equipped you will be to understand this disease. Clear, concise information breaks down the disease and the experience of having it or relating to someone who has it. Be inspired by true stories from youths who have experienced diabetes in their own lives and how to live with the condition. (Summary provided by the publisher).

  • Diabetes for dummies

    With diabetes now considered pandemic throughout the world, there have been enormous advances in the field since the last edition of Diabetes For Dummies. Now significantly revised and updated, it includes the latest information on medications and monitoring equipment, updated diet and exercise plans, new findings about treating diabetes in the young and elderly, new ways to diagnose and treat long- and short-term complications, and more. (Summary provided by the publisher).

  • Your first year with diabetes

    The most frightening moment for most people with diabetes is when they are first diagnosed. They are filled with questions: What can I eat? What should I do? Is there a plan for me to follow? While some people get a plan from their doctor, most people do not. Your First Year with Diabetes is the plan for everyone. It walks you step-by-step through a first-30-days survival plan, then shows a month-by-month program for what comes next. Everything from a basic explanation of diabetes, what you can eat right away, and instructions on how to check glucose to a deeper knowledge about diabetes nutrition, avoiding complications, and better management. (Summary provided by the publisher).

  • Diabetic living: Diabetes what to eat

    The essential cookbook and everyday guide on what to eat when you have diabetes Diabetic Living is a trustworthy resource for anyone living with diabetes. It includes over 200 recipes and essential advice on what to eat in order to control blood sugar, feel better, and enjoy delicious meals every day.

  • Diabetes and balance: My personal Roadmap

    Discusses what diabetes is, how it can affect you, how to manage it to stay healthy and how to communicate your needs to get the best care. Assists the viewer in creating their own personal action plan to manage their diabetes.

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by a problem with how the body makes or uses the hormone insulin, which regulates the amount of sugar circulating in the blood. An emerging epidemic, diabetes affects 230 million people worldwide?including more children and teens than ever before. Yet it's possible to prevent the most common type of diabetes and reduce the risk of serious complications by maintaining a normal weight, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Learn what causes diabetes, how it's treated, and more in this insightful overview. (Summary provided by the publisher).

  • Vivir con diabetes: Guía para pacientes, sus familiares y educadores

    "'Vivir con diabetes' esn una guía que proporciona toda la información que precisan los enfermos y quienes con ellos se relacionan (familares y cuidadores). Su cualidad fundamental es que está escrita desde la óptica del paciente."

  • I know someone with diabetes

    This book is part of children's health series called, Understanding Health issues, it introduces readers to what diabetes is, how it affects people, and what they can do to be a good friend to someone living with diabetes. This is a great book to introduce kids to some of signs and symptoms of living with type 1 diabetes. The language is easy to understand and there are some great visual included.

  • Diabetes and Exercise

    Diabetes is a major public health problem in the United States. This collection, Diabetes and Exercise, discusses the extent of the problem of diabetes and sedentary lifestyle and presents a compelling rationale for the importance of increased physical activity and exercise in persons with diabetes. The concept of exercise as medicine has a strong but underappreciated scientific basis for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Diabetes and Exercise, compiled by a team of experts in the field, focuses on both the physiological and practical aspects of the beneficial effects of exercise. This thorough collaboration provides the why's and how's to implementing the physical activity and exercise changes so important in diabetes prevention and disease management. (Summary provided by the publisher).