Spread awareness about our Earth’s magnificent oceans. Take a look at this list of books to see the different resources and life the oceans provide.

  • Guide to the oceans

    Guide to the Oceans is a handy reference that provides comprehensive information about every aspect of the world's oceans and seas. The book features vibrant color photographs, maps, artwork and well organized data.

  • Stung!

    As foremost jellyfish expert Lisa-ann Gershwin describes in Stung!, the jellyfish population bloom is highly indicative of the tragic state of the world’s ocean waters.

  • Smithsonian ocean

    The author of Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage identifies a living partnership between the earth and its life.

  • Oceans

    Oceans gathers some of the most insightful visionaries, explorers, and ocean lovers in a unique anthology, in which each speaks to a unique aspect of our world’s most dimly understood dimension.

  • Chasing science at sea

    Filled with firsthand accounts of the challenges and triumphs of dealing with the extreme forces of nature and the unpredictable world of the ocean.

  • Deep

    While on assignment in Greece, journalist James Nestor witnessed something that confounded him: a man diving 300 feet below the ocean's surface on a single breath of air and returning four minutes later, unharmed and smiling.