Each year, the Young Adult Library Services Associations (YALSA) selects 10 adult books with special appeal to teen readers to receive the Alex Award. The award is named in honor of the late Margaret Alexander Edwards, fondly called “Alex” by her closest friends, a pioneer in providing library services to young adults. Check out some of the most recent winners!

Discover more winning books from past years at http://www.ala.org/yalsa/alex-awards.

  • Bones & All
    Camille DeAngelis

    Sixteen-year-old Maren literally eats the ones who love her, bones and all. When her mother abandons her, Maren sets out to find the father she has never met, hoping he can help her understand why she is a monster.

  • Girl at War: A Novel
    Sara Nović

    Ana's early life was ravaged by the 1991 Balkan wars. Now a college student, Ana relives her war and its consequences as she unravels the mystery of herself and the meaning of home.

  • Half the World
    Joe Abercrombie

    A bloodthirsty girl and a reluctant warrior are recruited by a cunning minister for a mission that will either save or doom their kingdom.

  • Humans of New York: Stories
    Brandon Stanton

    In pictures and interviews that captivate, puzzle and reveal, photojournalist Brandon Stanton collects an immeasurable range of human emotions and perspectives. The photos draw us in and their subjects’ words leave us wondering and cheering at the variety of humanity.

  • Sacred Heart
    Liz Suburbia

    Adults have disappeared, and Ben Schiller is trying to keep things together until their return in this unsettling graphic novel. A series of mysterious deaths may be a sign of impending doom for Alexandria’s troubled kids.

  • Between the World and Me
    Ta-Nehisi Coates

    Coates writes to his 15-year-old son about the inborn hazards of being black in America and his own intellectual, political and emotional confrontation with the need to live fully, even in the face of racialist culture.

  • Undocumented: A Dominican Boy's Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League
    Dan-el Padilla Peralta

    Overstaying his visa in the U.S. before he was in kindergarten, Padilla Peralta joined other young DREAM Act scholars to erase his illegal status. His humor, wisdom, success and very American boyhood smash anti-immigration stereotypes.

  • The Unraveling of Mercy Louis: A Novel
    Keija Parssinen

    Mercy, a high school basketball star, lives under the thumb of her grandmother, a fierce believer in Y2K as the apocalypse. The year 1999 alters Mercy’s life in a small Texas refinery town and gives her a future beyond it.

  • All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel
    Anthony Doerr

    A blind Parisian girl and an orphaned German boy conscripted by the Nazis for his radio skills meet in the chaos of the American bombing of a French coastal resort.

  • Bellweather Rrhapsody
    Kate Racculia

    High-school students gather at the isolated Bellweather Hotel for a statewide music festival only to be trapped by a blizzard with an arrogant fingerless conductor, drunken chaperones, a missing corpse, and perhaps the ghosts of long-dead newlyweds.

  • Confessions: A Novel
    Kanae Minato

    Japanese teacher Yuko knows two middle-school students killed her daughter, and nothing in their explanations of why and how will stop her revenge.

  • Everything I Never Told You
    Celeste Ng

    Lydia is dead. Is it murder? Suicide? As her family grieves for their perfect teen, they learn how little they really knew Lydia and how many secrets died with her.

  • Lock In
    John Scalzi

    A virus leaves millions as “Hadens”—locked in and fully aware, but unable to move or speak except when linked to androids. Chris is one of them, working as a rookie FBI agent hunting a murderer who is targeting Hadens.

  • The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice
    Zak Ebrahim

    This true account of Zak Ebrahim, whose father was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, is a powerful book about tolerance and choice.

  • Wolf in White Van: A Novel
    John Darnielle

    After his face is destroyed, Sean manages to carve out a life for himself as a designer of virtual role-playing games. When two teens take the game too far, Sean is forced to relive all his moves