Electronic Devices Policy

The use of cellular phones is only permitted in certain areas of the library. Please observe the signage indicating the cell phone zones. These zones are located near the restrooms and café on the 1st floor as well as the restrooms on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor of the library. Exceptions will be made for university computing, security, and building/grounds personnel, and medical personnel who are on call. Although cell phones are permitted in the library, ringers should be placed on vibrate.

Pagers should be set to “vibrate” rather than “beep.” Volumes on pagers without a “vibrate” mode should be turned down as low as possible.

Portable televisions, DVD/CD players and radios are permitted in the library as long as they are used with headphones. Patrons will be responsible for supplying their own headphones. The volume should be kept to a level that cannot be heard by other patrons. Patrons using portable audio or video devices will be requested to turn down the volume if it is disturbing to others. Personal laptops are permitted in the library, but should be used in areas where cables and wires will not cause a safety hazard. Personal laptops may not be connected to library-owned hardware such as printers or data jacks (please refer to Code of Conduct Policy for further info). When using programs with audio, the sound should be turned off or headphones should be worn. As stated above, the volume should be kept to a level that cannot be heard by other patrons.

Journalists or commercial photographers must seek the permission of Nova Southeastern University’s Division of Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative Services at prm@nova.edu before any photographs or video footage can be taken within the library. They must also work with the Office of Facilities Management at physicalplant@nova.edu to make sure they have the proper insurance.  The Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center and/or Nova Southeastern University cannot be held liable for the personal use of any photographs or video footage taken within the library building by individuals.