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Study Room Use Policy

Room Reservation Policy

  1. Patrons may place room reservations online at
  2. Reservation allowance:
    1. A room can be reserved for a specified 2-hour period online.
    2. A patron can place a maximum of 2 reservations per day. Pending room availability, a circulation employee can assist with longer time reservations for current day reservations ONLY.
    3. Rooms will be available for reservation two weeks subsequent to the current date.
    4. A reservation may be cancelled by following the same steps as reserving a room.
    5. A cancelled reservation does not count toward a patron’s 2 reservations per day limit.
  3. Patrons with reservations must arrive no later than 15 minutes after the start of the reserved time. After 15 minutes, the reservation is then forfeited and becomes available for online reservation.
  4. During checkout of a reserved room:
    1. When picking up the room key, the user that placed the reservation must check out the room with the use of a valid NSU ID or NSU Library Card. If the reserving patron does not have an NSU ID or NSU Library Card, s/he may show a valid ID to allow another member from the group to check out the study room.
    2. The group must meet any room size criteria.
  5. Walk-in Reservations:
    1. In the case of a patron with no study room reservation, library staff will assign rooms if available. All patrons are encouraged to use the online reservation system for current and future needs.
    2. At least one user of the room must show a valid NSU ID or NSU Library Card at the Circulation Desk to obtain a study room key and the group must meet any room size criteria.
  6. Room Sizes:
    1. 4 Person Rooms: Study rooms 2059, 2065, 2066, 3016, 3039, 3046, 3047, 3061, 3062, 3063, and 3064 can be checked out to single users. Individuals always have access to study carrels available on the west side of the second, third and fourth floor study areas.
    2. 6 & 8 Person Rooms: Study rooms 2051, 2090, 2091, 2092, 2093, 2094, 2095, 2096, 2097, 3008, 3009, 3010, 3011, 3012, 3057, 4010 and Group Technology Room 3079 can be checked out to single users as well as groups.
    3. 10 Person Rooms: Study rooms 2056, and 4011 are Groups Study Rooms ONLY and require at least THREE or more group members to be physically present at the Circulation Desk at the time of check out.
    4. Study room 2058 is a family study room. Please visit the Family Study Room Policy for further information.

If a study room becomes unavailable (i.e., damage, events, etc.), the Alvin Sherman Library reserves the right to cancel all future reservations for that room. No new reservations will be taken for the specific study room until it becomes available

General Study Room Use Policy

  1. To better serve the needs of our NSU users as well as our public users, study room usage can be accomplished by reservation through our online Room Reservation System. Any available study rooms will be checked out on a first come, first served basis at any time.
  2. The study room checkout period is limited to two hours. If another group or user is not waiting to use the room at the end of the two hours, the original person or group may re-checkout the room for another two hours.
  3. The user(s) is responsible for the condition of the room. Immediately upon entering a room, the user(s) must inspect the room and report any previous damage, graffiti, etc. to the Circulation Desk personnel. User(s) can call the Circulation Desk from any white phone in the library or call 954-262-4601.
  4. When returned, the study room key must be handed to an available employee at the Circulation Desk.
  5. A fine of $1.00 will be assessed if the room is returned after the due time and an additional $1.00 per hour after that. There is no grace period given for late returns due to the room reservation system. This fine will be added to the user’s library record and the user will not be allowed to check out study rooms until the fee is paid.
  6. The keys to the study rooms must be returned 30 minutes prior to library closing time. Public Safety will be responsible for making sure that all rooms are vacant and locked before library closing. There will be an additional fine of $5.00, if study room key is not returned 30 minutes prior to closing. An additional fine of $1.00 per hour/per room will be assessed until the study room key has been returned (i.e. a study room key that is due at closing, 10:30pm, and is being return at 9:00am the following morning will accumulate a total fine of $14.00). These fines will be added to the user’s library record and the user will not be allowed to check out or renew library materials until the fee is paid.
  7. Keys cannot be taken out of the Library. A $20 fee will be charged for lost study room keys. This fine will be added to the user’s library record and the user will not be allowed to check out or renew library materials until the fee is paid.
  8. Any person or group who leaves a room unoccupied past the due time will lose the use of the room if other users are waiting for a study room.
  9. NSU is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left in study rooms. Doors should be locked if a person or group leaves the room. Library staff in Circulation will store any personal papers and belongings left behind in a study room for up to one day and then material will be discarded. Valuable items will be turned over to Public Safety. This includes laptops, pocketbooks, backpacks, wallets, car keys etc.
  10. When user(s) are finished using a study room, they must clean up the room, turn off the lights, lock the door, and return the key to the Circulation Desk.
  11. The Alvin Sherman Library ascribes to the Leave No Trace Behind principle as its policy for food and drink in the Library. Please refer to the Food, Drink, and Tobacco Policy for further information.
  12. Signs, etc. cannot be posted in a study room. Please refer to Posting of Signs and Publicity Policy for further information.
  13. Windows on study room doors must remain uncovered.
  14. Furniture is not to be moved in or out of a study room except by authorized staff.
  15. All study room users must return all library materials to shelving book trucks in the stacks or copy rooms.
  16. Supplies for using the whiteboard in the group study rooms can also be checked out. This includes an eraser and markers for whiteboards. There will be a $10 fine assessed for lost supplies. The person checking out the supplies will be responsible for their loss or damage. This fine will be added to the user’s library record and the user will not be allowed to check out or renew library materials until the fee is paid.
  17. Library staff has the right to refuse the use of a study room, if Library Code of Conduct or other Library Policies are violated.