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Frequenty Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. How do alumni register to use library databases?

Note: due to vendor contract limitations, the Nova Southeastern University Libraries cannot give Alumni the same level of access to all electronic resources as Nova Southeastern University Students receive. Please review the databases available to Alumni and their corresponding access information.

First, signup for this benefit via the Update Your Alumni Record Form from Alumni Relations. You may update your record as desired.

Then, to register to access library databases, scroll down to the section titled Request Services, check the appropriate box, and supply your NSU ID Number. The security of your information is validated by VeriSign. Your request will go directly to the Office of Alumni Affairs where your status as an NSU Alumnus will be confirmed.

Once a month, the Office Of Alumni Affairs sends a file of valid alumni requests to the Alvin Sherman Library, and this file is uploaded into our system. You will then be notified that the account is accessible. Please note that because of the confirmation process and monthly load schedule, it may take up to one month for your account to be activated.

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(*Note: Some patrons may have access to different databases depending on their school or program.)


  • = those who have access on campus.
  • = those who have access off campus.
  • = recommended for younger students.