Circle of Friends Committees News

The Circle of Friends (CoF) for the NSU Alvin Sherman Library (ASL) has formed and/or expanded three new committees: Development and Events Committee (DEC)Marketing and Programming Development Committee (MPDC), and the Nominating Committee (NC).

The MPDC Committee met on November 1st. Kyle Fisher, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing and Creative Services participated in the discussion. Their primary responsibilities are to develop a marketing plan and related materials for the COF and the ASL. The following charge will be submitted for vote at the November Board meeting.

The Marketing and Program Development Committee will work with University staff to develop a greater awareness of the Alvin Sherman Library and the Circle of Friends which supports it, and to generate an understanding of the Library’s needs and ideas for increasing annual donations and library card memberships. In addition, this committee will work with University staff to promote programs hosted by the Circle of Friends throughout the year.

The NC met on November 8th. This committee is responsible for developing a strong CoF Board of Directors. They voted to move forward with the further evaluation of two candidates for Board membership. The following charge will be submitted for approval:

The Nominating Committee will recruit and orient new Board members who will be approved by the full CoF Board. It will also make a recommendation for a slate of officers of the Board each year to be approved by the full Board. In addition, this committee recommends Chairs for each of the standing committees which are then approved by the full Board. This committee also provides methods for evaluating the performance of each Board member annually.