'Find It @ NSU'

Note: Accessing Google Scholar through NSU Library offers convenient access to a wealth of scholarly literature that may otherwise require a subscription or payment for access. This contrasts with accessing Google Scholar directly, where you may encounter paywalls or restricted access to certain articles. Look for 'Find It @ NSU' for free access through NSU Library.

Library Databases vs Google Scholar

Library Databases offer distinct advantages over Google Scholar, particularly in terms of comprehensive coverage and specialized search functionalities. While Google Scholar can serve as a valuable complement to library databases, especially for broad searches and rapid access to scholarly content, there are specific circumstances where the superior capabilities of library databases make them the preferred choice.

  1. Specialized Content: Library databases often focus on specific subject areas or disciplines, providing access to scholarly articles, journals, and other resources that may not be easily found through a general search engine like Google Scholar.
  2. Quality Control: Library databases typically include peer-reviewed and reputable sources, ensuring a higher level of quality and reliability compared to the vast amount of content indexed by Google Scholar, which may include non-peer-reviewed sources.
  3. Advanced Search Features: Library databases often offer more advanced search features and filters tailored to academic research, allowing users to refine their searches more effectively and locate relevant materials more efficiently.
  4. Access to Subscription Content: Many library databases provide access to subscription-based content that may not be freely available online, giving researchers access to a wider range of resources that they might not find through Google Scholar.
  5. Citation Management: Library databases often include tools for citation management, allowing users to easily save, organize, and cite the sources they find, which can be particularly helpful for academic writing and research projects.