This video will show you how to use the "Folder" option in EBSCO databases to save articles.

For this example, I am using CINAHL database, one of the EBSCO resources.

To use the folder option, first you will have to create an EBSCO account.  You can do so by clicking on “Sign In” then clicking on “Create a New Account.”  Fill out all the information.  To simplify your username and password, you can use your Nova username and password.  Press “Save Changes” to create the account.  This account will also work on any of the other EBSCO databases.

When your account is created, click on the “Folder” link on your screen.  To create a folder to save your articles, you can click on the link “New” under “My Custom” on the left side column.  Type in the name of the folder then click “Save.”  This will create a folder for you in EBSCO.

Now you can begin your search.  To evaluate the articles quickly, you can point to the magnifying glass and paper icon located right next to the reference.   To save the articles in EBSCO, you will need to click on the folder icon next to the article then select the specific folder that you created to save and organize your references in the right folder.  When a reference is added properly, folder icon turns yellow.  To delete this reference, you can re-click on the folder icon next to reference and then select the highlighted folder.

Make sure you save the articles in the folder you created.  This will ensure that your articles are saved properly and will always be available to you.

This video has covered how to create an EBSCO database account, create specific folder, and how to add and delete references from the folder.

Remember if you have any questions, you can always call the librarians at 954-262-3108 for assistance.

Thank you.