This video will help you locate the full-text of articles using Full-Text Finder through the HPD Library site.

This video will show you how to use Full-Text Finder to locate the full-text of an article when a reference or citation information is available.

A reference or citation of an article generally contains the name of the authors, title of the article, year, name of the journal, volume, and issue number.  You need all this information to locate the full-text of an article using the Full-Text Finder.

So let’s assume that we are looking for this article about “Student engagement in online nursing courses” written in 2016 in “Nurse Educator” journal’s volume 41 and issue 6.

From the HPD Library website ( ), click on the tab for “Search Full-Text Finder.”  Now type in the name of the journal “Nurse Educator” and press “Search”.  If you see multiple entries, scroll down to locate the right journal.  Right below the journal name you will find several links that will give you access to this journal.  Next to each of these links, you will see the date range for full-text coverage of this journal through that link.  So locate the appropriate link that will give you the coverage of your article, then click on that link.  For this example, I will click on the link “LWW Total Access Collection 2016.”

You may now be asked to enter your Nova username and password.  So enter this information then click “Sign in.”

When you are connected to the journal page, pay attention to the screen since each page might be organized slightly differently.  For this example, click on 2016 from the left side column.  Then click on Volume 41 and Issue 6.  Now all the articles from that specific issue will appear in the middle screen.  Now locate the article on “Student engagement in online nursing courses.”

This video has covered how to use Full-Text Finder to locate the full-text of an article when you have a citation of an article.

Remember if you have any questions, you can always call the librarians at 954-262-3108 for assistance.

Thank you.