In this video we explore the database PsycINFO. This database includes content from over 2,500 journal titles, and includes books, book chapters, and dissertations.

Video Transcript:

In this video, we’ll explore a database called PsycINFO. It is produced by the American Psychological Association, and available in the Alvin Sherman Library through the ProQuest platform.

This database includes content from over 2,500 journal titles. It also includes books, book chapters, and dissertations.

The search process in PsycINFO is similar to that of other databases. For example, let’s say we’re looking for peer-reviewed articles about test anxiety.

If we type in test anxiety and hit search, we see way too many results. Let’s narrow our search by modifying it. Use the Modify Search link to retain any information you’ve already typed on the search screen.

Let’s put quotation marks around the phrase “test anxiety” to get an exact match. This tells the database to keep all of the words together, instead of looking for them in various parts of an article. We will also checkmark the boxes for peer-reviewed and scholarly journals to limit to these types of resources.

Even though that cut down on the number of results, there are still too many. Let’s see what else we can do…

If you are looking for more recent articles, we can use the date limiter to narrow down to the last five years. Click on Enter a date range, and then type in years, for example, 2011-2016.

By doing this, we now have a more manageable set of results to examine.

So, to review…

We found that our search for test anxiety was very broad, so we used quotation marks to find the exact phrase and told the database to limit to peer reviewed, scholarly journals, and to the last 5 years for more manageable results.

Please watch other PsycINFO videos to learn to how use more advanced search features, or contact the Alvin Sherman Library using Ask a Librarian.