This video will show you how to find a specific article that you are looking for using the library's full text finder tool.

Video Transcript:

When looking for a specific journal or magazine, you will use full text finder to help locate those publications within the holdings of Nova Southeastern University libraries. For a quick search, start at the library homepage and click on the tab titled, Full Text Finder.

Begin typing the title of the publication.

The auto complete feature will suggest titles in the collection based upon what you typed in the search box. Either finish typing the title into the search box, or choose the correct title from the suggested list. Then click search.

Look for the correct title from the results shown. In this case, both of the results are for the same publication, as it was known as Businessweek until 2010 and then changed its name to Bloomberg Businessweek. Then select the database link that contains the year you need. For example, if I needed an article in Businessweek from 2012 I would click this link and browse my way to the article.

If you are not looking for a specific journal article, but would like to browse journal titles within a subject, start at the library’s homepage. Click on Menu. And under the heading, Research, click on Full Text Finder.

From this page, you can choose a subject or discipline. Next to each subject is the number of publications in that area that are within the university’s holdings. In this case, we want to browse business journals.

To limit the publications, use the limiter menu located on the left side of the screen. For example, if you only want to view peer reviewed publications, click the box for peer reviewed journals. Then, if you want to see journals for a specific subject within a discipline, click the check box.

It will then refine your results. To browse a journal, just click one of the databases listed under the title.

If you have not logged in already the system will ask you to sign in at this point. NSU students use the box on the left.

Once in a database you can perform an author or article search or browse by year and issue to find the exact article you wanted.

In conclusion, you will use Full Text Finder when you want to access a specific publication or if you want to browse publications within a discipline. And as always, if you have any questions, please Ask A Librarian.