Learn how to make an instruction appointment with a reference librarian through the Sherman Library website.

To make an instruction appointment now, use our online request form.

Video Transcript:

This video demonstrates how to request an appointment with a librarian at NSU’s Alvin Sherman library.

On the library’s homepage, click the “make an appointment” link to access the request form.

Fill out the form as fully as possible starting with your contact information
and then some general information about your request.

Next you’ll be asked to briefly explain your topic and any research you’ve conducted so far.

Below this, fill in your availability so we can find a librarian to work with you at your convenience.

At the bottom of the form tell us how you would like to receive instruction and if you have any special needs for the appointment.

Once you’ve filled out the form fully click the Submit button below.

On the next page you’ll see a confirmation of your submission.

For help making a library appointment, please contact the Alvin Sherman Library reference desk.