Learn new skills to become a better you with Lynda.com

Video Transcript:

Lynda.com allows you to explore a vast online library of instructional videos covering the latest technology, creative, and business skills, taught by industry experts. The videos within Lynda can help you to acquire a new expertise, advance your career, and expand your mind.

Whether you are a student needing to learn new software or a member of the Broward County community seeking to learn a new job skill, the Lynda library can help you get started with the content that is most relevant for you.

You can acquire Business skills in topics such as Management, software such as QuickBooks, or even explore a Learning Path such as becoming an AGILE Project Manager.

The Library includes Design videos covering print production and software such as Illustrator.

Developer videos cover programming, iOS development, and learning paths towards becoming an app. developer.

Explore education topics such as teaching tools, Microsoft Office, and Instructional Design.

Browse the IT section to learn about Network Administration, Windows, and becoming a technician.

There are even video collections on Marketing, Photography, and Video creation as well.

There is a keyword search box at the top of the screen which allows you to search for a specific topic if you need instructional videos on demand.

Upon your first visit to Lynda.com, you will be prompted to create an account. By clicking on the “No, I’ve never had an account” option your account information will auto-populate based on your existing library credentials. If you are a returning user with an existing Lynda.com account, however, you will enter in that account information to port over your course and certificate history. You will only have one chance to connect your previous account to your library account, and if you select “No, I’ve never had an account” your two accounts will remain separate.

The benefits of having your own individual account include saving your progress on videos that you wish to continue watching at a later time, being able to create playlists, and seeing a live stream of video and learning path recommendations that are currently popular in the community. The library’s Lynda.com subscription is at the premium tier, and provides access to all downloadable course files.

To learn more about Lynda.com or as you encounter questions about this valuable resource, please contact a librarian.