This video will demonstrate how to find business articles in Emerald Management eJournals..

Video Transcript:

This video will demonstrate how to find business articles in Emerald Management eJournals..

To begin, you will first navigate to the Emerald Management eJournals database. Once you have logged in, the screen will take you to the basic search page. You should go to the advanced search feature. Change the view to advanced search by clicking on the link. [Highlight Advanced Search] Note, also, that this database allows you to search for case studies if you should need those in your coursework.

The topic we are going to research today is managing conflict in teams. On the first line we enter the word conflict and on the second line we are going to enter the word teams. We use the AND connector so that we ensure the articles will have BOTH terms. The OR connector is used to add more synonyms to a search and expands the results. An example of using OR in this case might be conflict OR disagreement.

We want to make sure that these concepts are the main idea in the article so we are going to limit our terms to appear in the abstract. We will include All content (which is the default) and let’s limit our results to the last year. Click Search.

Notice that the search terms are highlighted in yellow. We are provided with the title, the type of document, authors, journal, book or series, the preview, abstract, HTML, ePub (for book chapters), PDF, references, and a reprints and permissions link, although not all of those options appear for each result.

Clicking on the Preview button will provide an overview of the article—basically a condensed view of the abstract.

You can further refine your search by using the categories on the right-hand side of the page: keyword, publication date, publication, or subject. Modifying your search is easy as your search terms also appear in the box on the lower right. Click on Add a field and now type in diversity and limit to the abstract field.

What’s a little bit different about this database is that the publisher is based in the UK and they provide resources that are not found in some of the other business databases. The library subscribes to several other databases where you can access business information, including ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, and LexisNexis. You are encouraged to search these databases for additional information before completing your assignment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a librarian!