You can use the NSU libraries catalog, NovaCat, to search for books and much more including dvds, cds, and even video games.

Video Transcript:

NovaCat is the NSU Libraries catalog.

You can use NovaCat to search for books and much more including DVDs, CDs, and even video games.

To search NovaCat, start at the Alvin Sherman Library homepage and click on the catalog tab.

Then type a topic, a title, or an author into the search box.

If you want to search for e-books only, you can click the box for just e-books.

Once you do a search, you will see a list of results with information about the location, call number, and status of the item.

Notice that the first few listed here are DVDs.

We also have an e-book which can be accessed by clicking on the link right underneath the location box.

Finally, we have a print book located in the Alvin Sherman Library.  Notice that the status says available, and the book is ready to be checked out.

Local users can come to the library to get the book or use the hold for pick up option.  NSU distance users can use the order for delivery option to request that the material be mailed to their house.

If you have any questions, remember to check with the NSU Libraries’ reference desk.  The librarians will be happy to help you!

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