This video will demonstrate how to find Marketline reports and company information in Business Source Premier.

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Video Transcript:

This video will demonstrate how to find Marketline reports and company information in Business Source Premier.  The library subscribes to several other databases where you can access company information and you are encouraged to search these databases for additional information before completing your assignment.

To begin, you will first navigate to the Business Source Premier database.  Once you have logged in, the screen should show the advanced search feature.  If not, change the view to advanced search by clicking on the link.

Our first task is to find Marketline reports.  To begin our search, click on the Company Profiles link located at the top of the page in the blue section. If you have not chosen a specific company, you can browse the companies alphabetically.  Just from this screen you can see the company name, its country of headquarters location, its industry, and a PDF of its MarketLine report.  For this example, we have chosen Whole Foods.  Enter the company name in the search box and click the browse button.

In the results, Whole Foods Market, Inc. appears at the top of the list.  Just from this view, we can see it is a U.S. company in the food industry.  You can click directly on the MarketLine report PDF, but you will be missing a lot of additional information.  So instead, we will click on the company name.

From this view, you can see basic company information, including the address, a short summary about the company, and some of the products and services offered by this company.  On the top left, you can see the link for the MarketLine report.  If you click on it, the PDF will open.

The table of contents show the major topics within the report… Company Overview….Key Employees….SWOT Analysis.  Just click on one of the entries in the Table of Contents and the PDF will jump down to the page.  Here you can see the strengths, weakness, etc.  You can save this report to your flash drive or hard drive.

Going back into the record for Whole Foods, look to the left.  You see the related information box.

To find articles with company information on whole foods in academic journals, click on the link for academic journals. In the results list are articles where Whole Foods is mentioned.  If you mouse over the icon that looks like a magnifying glass over a piece of paper, you will see the abstract for the article.  This allows you to take a quick look at the information without having to open the full record of the article.  If you wish to read the full article, look for the Linked Full Text or PDF Full Text.

If you find an article that you wish to read, but it does not have either Linked Full Text or PDF Full Text, it should then have a FindIt Icon.  To learn how to find the full text of the article using FindIt, view the video in LibraryLearn.

Here are articles in trade journals.

And some newspaper articles.

These sources will give you additional information on the company you are researching. Click on each link in the Related Information box to conduct a comprehensive search of your company.

This concludes our video on how to search for MarketLine reports and company information in Business Source Premier. Remember to use additional databases to find more information about your company. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a librarian!