Learn how to install the latest version of the EndNote software on your Mac computer.

Slide 1: In this video you will learn the steps to download the EndNote software to your Mac computer.

Slide 2: We are going to begin at the webpage listed on the screen. Choose the latest version of the EndNote install: Version X7 under the Mac download section.

Slide 3: At this point you will be prompted for your Sharklink ID and password – the same as you use to log in to Blackboard.

Slide 4: Make sure to quit all Microsoft applications or you will not be able to proceed with the installation.

You may be prompted to save the file or the file might download to your computer automatically.

Wait for the EndNote X7 site installer to download.

Slide 5: The installer should automatically open allowing you to move the EndNote X7 file into the applications folder.

Slide 6: If the installer does not automatically open check the downloads folder to find the EndNote_X7_Site_Installer.dmg file

Slide 7: After you drag the EndNote X7 folder into the Applications folder on your computer you will find the EndNote X7 file in your Applications folder.

Double click to launch the application. You may be presented with a security warning, open the application. EndNote X7 will now launch. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Slide 8: You will be prompted with three options. You will want to create a new library right away.

Slide 9: Many people ask about creating multiple libraries on their computer to keep information separate. The recommendation is to have only one library. You will be able to organize information through groups (also known as folders) and group sets.

Slide 10: This is an example of the EndNote interface for a Mac. Slightly different layout from the Windows version but the essential components are all represented. Groups (folders), Citations listed in the middle and editable individual citation information on the right.

Slide 11: Please note, one of the primary functions of the EndNote software is to capture citation information when using it in conjunction with NSU’s proprietary databases from such companies as ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and Thomson Reuters. This direct export function will not work when using Safari web browser. Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.

Slide 12: You will have more opportunities to learn about the EndNote software either from the internal “Help” option, other videos in the series, or from our EndNote help guide.

Slide 13: If you have questions about the EndNote software or other library services please review the ask-a-librarian options.