This video will give you an overview of why you might want a database account and how to create one.

Have you ever wondered if you could save database search strategies or specific articles? If so, creating database accounts might be the right option for you.

There are as many ways to organize, track and save research as there are researchers. Saving searches and articles with a database account is just one way to do this.

Remember, database accounts are NOT Nova Southeastern University accounts, so you can retain access to the account upon graduation; however you would still need access to the subscription database, possibly through another library or your employer.

Database accounts are available in many databases. You may want to create accounts in those you use most. Remember, this is a personal account inside of the database, separate from the Shark ID and password you use to access databases.

This video will show you how to create accounts for two of Alvin Sherman Library’s commonly used database providers, ProQuest and EBSCO.

First, we’ll create an account in a ProQuest database.

From any ProQuest database, click on the “My Research” link in the upper right hand corner. You may notice an icon that looks like a person next to this link.

On the resulting page, use the “Create a My Research account” link to create your account. You may recognize the person icon here.

Complete the required fields.

Unless you have already a RefWorks account, make sure you DO NOT check the box that indicates you have an existing RefWorks account. NSU does not subscribe to RefWorks.

Now let’s create an account for EBSCO databases.

Use the “Sign In” link in the header in the upper right hand corner of the database screen.

Click on the link below the sign in area to “Create a new Account.”

All of the fields are required, so make sure you complete them to create your account.

See the related documents and videos for more information about the benefits of your newly created database accounts.

Thank you for viewing How to Create Database Accounts from Alvin Sherman Library. If you have any questions about this video or other library resources, please contact us.

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