This collection of books and audiovisual materials celebrates America’s cultural diversity and patriotism, including stories of immigration. Recommended for children ages 4-8.

  • We Came to America
    Ringgold, Faith

    Celebrates United States immigration and the country's diverse immigrant heritage.

  • This is Me
    Curtis, Jamie Lee

    Written in rhyming text, this is a picture book about immigration and identity.

  • I'm New Here
    O'Brien, Anne Sibley

    Three children from other countries (Somalia, Guatemala, and Korea) struggle to adjust to their new home and school in the United States.

  • All the Way to America
    Yaccarino, Dan

    The story of four generations of an Italian American family, beginning with an immigrant who came through Ellis Island with big dreams, a small shovel, and his parents' good advice: "Work hard, but remember to enjoy life, and never forget your family."

  • Dreaming of America
    Bunting, Eve

    Annie Moore cares for her two younger brothers on board the ship sailing from Ireland to America where she becomes the first immigrant processed through Ellis Island, January 1, 1892, her fifteenth birthday.

  • My Two Blankets
    Kobald, Irena

    A homesick little girl who has recently moved to an unfamiliar country comforts herself by clinging to an old blanket, but when she meets a new friend, the relationship helps her take her first steps into a new culture.

  • The Matchbox Diary
    Fleischman, Paul

    Follow a girl's perusal of her great-grandfather's collection of matchboxes and small curios that document his poignant immigration journey from Italy to a new country.

  • One Green Apple
    Bunting, Eve

    While on a school field trip to an orchard to make cider, a young immigrant named Farah gains self-confidence when the green apple she picks perfectly complements the other students' red apples.

  • Carmen Learns English
    Cox, Judy

    Newly-arrived in the United States from Mexico, Carmen is apprehensive about going to school and learning English.

  • Goodbye, Havana! Hola, New York!
    Colón, Edie

    Five-year-old Gabriella is confused when she hears about the revolution in Cuba and when she and her parents are forced to flee to New York, Gabriella struggles to adjust to her new city and wonders when it will start to feel like home.

  • Calling the Water Drum
    Redding, LaTisha

    "A young boy loses both parents as they attempt to flee Haiti for a better life, and afterward is only able to process his grief and communicate with the outside world through playing the drums. Includes author's note"-- Provided by publisher.

  • The Quiet Place
    Stewart, Sarah

    A little girl moves to the United States from Mexico with her family and writes letters to her aunt in Mexico about her new life.

  • This Land is Your Land
    Guthrie, Woody

    This well-known folk song is accompanied by a tribute from folksinger Pete Seeger, the musical notation, and a biographical scrapbook with photographs.

  • America the Beautiful
    Bates, Katharine Lee

    "A moving celebration of 'America the Beautiful' featuring artwork from ten distinguished artists and inspiring presidential quotes"

  • The Broadway Kids Sing America

    Contents: City of New Orleans -- California dreamin' -- The boy from New York City -- Take me home, country roads -- The presidents song -- Americana medley -- This land is your land -- California girls/Surfin' USA -- Amazing grace -- America -- I've been everywhere -- New York, New York.

  • America the Beautiful

    Features "The Scrambled States of America" and "This Land Is Your Land."