The following titles are nominees for the 2018-2019 Sunshine State Young Readers Award. The list is for grades 6-8.

  • Click'd
    Stone, Tamara Ireland

    "After spending the summer at coding camp, Allie Navarro is excited to share the app she built with her friends, until it starts to cause problems between them"-- Provided by publisher.

  • A Crack in the Sea
    Bouwman, H. M.

    "Pip, a young boy who can speak to fish, and his sister Kinchen set off on a great adventure, joined by twins with magical powers, refugees fleeing post-war Vietnam, and some helpful sea monsters"-- Provided by publisher.

  • The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora
    Cartaya, Pablo

    When his family's restaurant and Cuban American neighborhood in Miami are threatened by a greedy land developer, thirteen-year-old Arturo, joined by Carmen, a cute poetry enthusiast, fight back, disco vering the power of poetry and protest through untold family stories and the work of José Martí.

  • The Eureka Key
    Thomson, Sarah

    When middle school puzzle master Sam and history wiz Martina win a contest for a summer trip across the US, they discover they've been drafted into something vastly more extraordinary. Along with another kid on the trip, Theo, a descendant of George Washington, they must follow clues to find seven keys left behind by the Founding Fathers. Together the keys unlock Benjamin Franklin's greatest invention--a secret weapon intended to defend the country.

  • The Firefly Code
    Blakemore, Megan Frazer

    Mori and her friends live a normal life on Firefly Lane in Old Harmonie, a utopian community where every kid knows he or she is genetically engineered to be better and smarter, but when a strangely pe rfect new girl named Ilana moves in, the friends begin to question the only world they have ever known.

  • The First Rule of Punk
    Pérez, Celia C

    Twelve-year-old María Luisa O'Neill-Morales (who really prefers to be called Malú) reluctantly moves with her Mexican-American mother to Chicago and starts seventh grade with a bang--violating the dress code with her punk rock aesthetic and spurning the middle school's most popular girl in favor of starting a band with a group of like-minded weirdos.

  • Forest of Wonders
    Park, Linda Sue

    When Raffa makes a cure from a rare crimson vine he finds deep in the forbidden forest, the bat he saves transforms into something much more.

  • Frogkisser!
    Nix, Garth

    Princess Anya has a big problem: Duke Rikard, her step-stepfather is an evil wizard who wants to rule the kingdom and has a habit of changing people into frogs, and her older sister Morven, the heir, is a wimp--so with the help of the librarian Gotfried (who turns into an owl when he is upset), and the Royal Dogs, she must find away to defeat Rikard, save her sister, and maybe even turn Prince Denholm back into a human being.

  • Ghost
    Reynolds, Jason

    "Ghost, a naturally talented runner and troublemaker, is recruited for an elite middle school track team. He must stay on track, literally and figuratively, to reach his full potential"-- Provided by publisher.

  • The Girl Who Could Not Dream
    Durst, Sarah Beth

    "Sophie's parents run a secret shop where dreams are bought and sold. When Sophie dreams, her dreams become real, so she is forbidden to have any. Sinister events are set in motion when she is accidentally seen by one of her parents' customers, and it's up to Sophie to save her family"-- Provided by publisher.

  • How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me From Robots, Traitors, and Missy the Cruel
    Brown, Jennifer

    "Luke Abbott's school is the losing-est school in the history of losing. And that's just fine for him. He'd rather be at home playing video games and avoiding his older brother Rob and the Greatest Betrayal of All Time. But now he's being forced to join the robotics team, where surely he'll help uphold the school's losing streak"-- Provided by publisher.

  • Restart
    Korman, Gordon

    Chase wakes up from a fall off the roof not knowing who he is. When he returns to school, the students know exactly who he is, or at least, who he was. Some of the students act like he is a hero, some seem scared of him, and one utterly despises him. Chase is faced with having to figure out not only who he was, but who he wants to be.

  • Short
    Sloan, Holly Goldberg

    "Very short for her age, Julia grows into her sense of self while playing a munchkin in a summer regional theater production of The Wizard of Oz"-- Provided by publisher.

  • The Van Gogh Deception
    Hicks, Deron R

    When a young boy is discovered in Washington DC's National Gallery without any recollection of who he is, so begins a high-stakes race to unravel the greatest mystery of all: his identity.