Take a moment celebrate the influences of classical music. From the Works of “Johann Sabastian Bach” to “Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky” your library has all you need to freshen up on your sonatas. Check out this list comprised of biographies and works by the great composers that transcend our time.

  • The life and times of Frédéric Chopin

    From an early age, Frederic Chopin displayed natural musical ability. Often compared to Mozart, Chopin was invited to play for members of the aristocracy in small, private concerts.

  • The life and times of Johann Sebastian Bach

    Discusses the life and career of the eighteenth-century German composer and organist.

  • The life and times of Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky

    Chronicles the troubled life of the nineteenth-century Russian composer. Includes sidebars about such topics as serfs, Leo Tolstoy, and the invention of the phonograph.

  • Cool classical music

    Introduces readers to classical music and includes activities that will immerse children in musical tradition.

  • Beethoven

    Beethoven was a genius so universal that his popularity, extraordinary even during his lifetime, has never ceased to grow.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach : life and work

    Two hundred and fifty years after his death, Johann Sebastian Bach remains one of the most compelling figures in the history of classical music.

  • Classical music: The rough guide

    The Rough Guide to Classical Music is a unique handbook, spanning eight centuries of music from medieval Masses to works by contemporaries such as Judith Weir and Michael Torke.

  • For the love of music

    Biography of Maria Anna Mozart, mother of the famous composer.