Read about animal antics and adventures in this collection of chapter books just for kids! Recommended for children ages 6-12.

  • The Bad Guys series
    Blabey, Aaron

    Book 1: The Bad Guys, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Piranha, want to be heroes, and they decide that the way to do it is free the 200 dogs in the city dog pound--but their plan soon goes awry.

  • Dog Man series
    Pilkey, Dav

    George and Harold create a new comic book hero in Dog Man, a crimefighter with the head of a police dog and the body of a policeman, who faces off against his archnemesis Petey the Cat.

  • The Puppy Place series
    Miles, Ellen

    Jack: Aunt Amanda knows that Lizzie can't turn down the chance to foster a new puppy, so she brings over a boxer - who loves to chew up everything in sight! Can Lizzie find the right owner for this special pup before her house is destroyed?

  • Kitty Corner series
    Miles, Ellen

    Callie: When Mia finds a tiny, hurt calico kitten foraging for food, she must convince her parents that she is ready for the responsibility of having a cat.

  • Owl Diaries series
    Elliott, Rebecca

    Eva's Treetop Festival: Having a Bloomtastic Festival at school to celebrate spring is a great idea--but Eva Wingdale, a young owl, discovers that it is also a lot of work, and there is nothing wrong with asking her friends for help.

  • Hamstersaurus Rex series
    O'Donnell, Tom

    "Eleven-year old Sam befriends a hungry class hamster that undergoes a freaky transformation"-- Provided by publisher.

  • Heartwood Hotel series
    George, Kallie

    A True Home: Mona the mouse is precisely the maid they need at the grandest hotel in Fernwood Forest, where animals come from far and wide for safety, luxury, and comfort.

  • Mez's Magic
    Schrefer, Eliot

    Mez, a panther who discovers her magical powers after an eclipse, must unite the other animals to save Caldera from an evil force.

  • Mercy Watson series
    DiCamillo, Kate

    Mercy Watson to the Rescue: After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor.

  • Babe
    King-Smith, Dick

    A piglet destined for eventual butchering arrives at the farmyard, is adopted by an old sheep dog, and discovers a special secret to success.

  • Bad Kitty series
    Bruel, Nick

    Bad Kitty Gets a Bath: Takes a humorous look at the normal way cats bathe, why it is inappropriate for humans to bathe that way, and the challenges of trying to give a cat a real bath with soap and water. Includes fun facts , glossary, and other information

  • Warriors series
    Hunter, Erin

    Fire and Ice: Fireheart, a full-fledged warrior cat, must confront questions of loyalty and identity as he faces the possibility of betrayal from within his own forest clan.

  • The Familiars series
    Epstein, Adam Jay

    Book 1: Three young wizards-in-training are kidnapped by an evil queen and their familiars--Aldwyn the alley cat, Skylar, a know-it-all blue jay, and Gilbert a tree frog who can see the future--set out on a dangerous journey to rescue the boys.

  • Claude series
    Smith, Alex T.

    Claude in the City: When Claude, a small, plump dog, and his friend, Sir Bobblysock, visit the city Claude heroically, if accidentally, stops a thief, then, when Sir Bobblysock becomes ill, Claude rushes him to a hospital and is mistaken for a doctor.

  • Captain Pug
    James, Laura

    "Pug is going on a seafaring adventure. He's had jam tarts for breakfast. He's wearing a smart sailor suit. There's just one problem. Pug is afraid of the water!"-- Provided by publisher.

  • A Dog Like Daisy
    Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell

    Daisy has only ten weeks to prove her usefulness or else be sent back to the pound. Yet if she goes back, who will protect Colonel Victor from his PTSD attacks? Or save the littler human, Micah, from those infernal ear muzzles he calls earphones? What if no one ever adopts her again?

  • Dog Trouble!
    Oz, Galia

    "Julie has only had her dog for two weeks, and the pup is already causing trouble. For starters, she is missing! And Julie suspects the school bully Danny must be behind it. It will take some detective work and the help of Julie's friends to bring her new pet home. But the missing puppy is not the end of Julie's dog trouble. This is only the beginning of the escapades of Julie and Shakshuka."--Back cover.

  • The Wonderling
    Bartok, Mira

    In this extraordinary debut novel with its deft nod to Dickensian heroes and rogues, Mira Bartók tells the story of Arthur, a shy, fox-like foundling with only one ear and a desperate desire to belong , as he seeks his destiny.

  • Lucky
    Hill, Chris

    Lucky is a young red squirrel who was rescued from a hawk, and now must somehow make his home among the Cloudfoot clan of the larger, gray squirrels who live in the city park--and trouble is brewing for the rival gray squirrels known as the Northenders are planning an invasion.

  • Babymouse series
    Holm, Jennifer L.

    Volume 1: Babymouse's dreams of being a race car driver come true when she and her best friend Wilson enter a soap box derby.