Navigating the adult world can be tough – especially when you don’t get along with the people around you. Check out some great resources for resolving conflicts at home and at work!

  • The Boss from Outer Space and Other Aliens at Work

    Fun and easy to read, yet packed with realistic strategies, this very human guide will help anyone on the planet get along with even their most difficult coworker.

  • The Naked Roommate

    From sharing a bathroom with 40 people to sharing lecture notes, "The Naked Roommate" is a behind-the-scenes look at everything students need to know about college.

  • Perfect Phrases for Conflict Resolution

    Hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for encouraging a more productive and efficient work environment.

  • Make Difficult People Disappear

    Complete with a step-by-step action plan, Make Difficult People Disappear serves to replenish your confidence and build skills in leading those who until now you didn't know how to manage and felt there was no choice but to continue to deal with or ignore.

  • Have a Happy Family by Friday

    When every member of the family is pulling for each other and on the same team, everybody wins. But is this kind of family life even possible? Parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman says it is, and he's ready to show moms and dads exactly how they can make it happen in their family--in just five days.

  • The Schmuck in my Office

    Let Dr. Foster teach you how to make your workplace a happier and more productive one.

  • The Anatomy of Peace

    Through a moving story of parents who are struggling with their own children and with problems that have come to consume their lives, we learn from once-bitter enemies the way to transform personal, professional, and global conflicts, even when war is upon us.

  • The Triangle of Truth

    This engaging and eye-opening book presents a bold model for rising above either/or thinking, recasting the debate on everything from sex and politics to business and religion.

  • The Drama-Free Office

    Describes various types of office saboteurs and offers advice and methods on ways to defuse difficult situations and dramatic confrontations and create a collaborative workplace.

  • Changing the Conversation

    Real-life examples, spot-on advice, and easy-to-grasp exercises that demonstrate transformative ways to break out of destructive patterns, to create useful dialogue in difficult situations, and to find long-lasting solutions for conflicts.