Tired of giving gifts wrapped in newspaper? Check out the following titles and learn how you can impress your friends and family with beautifully wrapped gifts this holiday season!

  • Perfect Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Origami, scrapbooking and furoshiki and lots of other techniques come into play in this fun and imaginative guide. And the inspiration is endless!

  • Simply Green Giving

    50 quick and simple projects to create beautiful gift wrapping, tags, and handmade treasures from everyday materials.

  • The Complete Book of Papercraft

    The clear step by step illustrations for making paper combined with photos and step by step instructions for fun easy to do projects make it a book that crafters will return to time and again.

  • Wrapping with Fabric

    Wrap anything from a wine bottle to a yoga mat with this practical Japanese fabric-wrapping book.

  • Giftwrapped

    Whether it's a simple box, a tube or an awkwardly shaped tin, Giftwrapped describes how to achieve wrapping perfection with simple step-by-step instructions and myriad tips, so that you can learn what really works for impact and elegance.

  • Wrapagami

    Clear written instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and beautiful photos of the finished wraps make it easy to wrap expertly the first time.

  • Making Great Bags, Tags, Boxes & Cards

    One thing's for sure: perfect wrapping, bags, and tags don't come from a store; they come from these eye-popping projects, that take advantage of the same tools and materials scrapbookers know and love.

  • Kirigami Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap

    This book explores the Japanese art of paper cutting through a collection of kirigami greeting cards and gift wraps from well-known craft author and expert Florence Temko.

  • Creative Gift Packaging

    No more dull boxes! By following the simple folding and cutting directions in this book, anyone can package gifts with flair.