Other Services


All public computers in the Alvin Sherman Library are connected to public printers in the building. Printing can be done in black and white at all printers. Color printing is available in the OIIT computer lab on the first floor and at the printers on the second floor in reference. Black and white prints are $0.05 per page and color is $0.10 per page. NSU students use their SharkLink account and NSU ID to print.  NSU faculty and staff must create an account in the print system and add cash to the NSU ID. Public users must create an account in the print system and add money to their ASL Public Card or ASL Cash Card to print. For more information about SharkPrint visit the NSU Card office  website.

Photocopiers (Self-Service)

Photocopiers are available on three floors of the library.  In the Public Library Services area (1st floor) there is one public black and white (BW) copier; on the second floor, in the southwest corner of the building, there are three; two BW and one color copier.  On the third floor, also in the SW corner, there are two BW copiers which take cards only.

BW copies  cost $0.10 per page, color $0.50 per page. There is  one BW copier on the second floor that takes cash.  Otherwise you will need to add cash to your NSU Shark Card, ASL Public Card or ASL Cash Card. The minimum amount on your card should be $0.30.  You can check on the current status of the photocopiers or report a problem on the Equipment and Service Status page.

Digital Scanner

A digital scanner is available on the second floor, west side of the library. Scan and send your document to your email, a printer or to the cloud. You can also download to a flash drive or your device.

Cash-to-Card and Cash Card Vending Machines

There are three Cash-to-Card and Cash Card vending machines in the Alvin Sherman Library: two on the first floor (one in the Computer Lab and the other in the hall behind the elevators) and one in Reference on the second floor. These machines accept bills only. Users can add cash to the NSU ID, ASL Public Card or purchase or recharge their Cash Card.

Grant Writing Laboratory

The Office of Research and Technology Transfer has a  Grant Writing Laboratory in the Alvin Sherman Library in Room 2048. The Grant Lab is open to NSU faculty and staff only to work with the Grant Writing Manager on grant proposals and grant projects. All aspects of proposal development can  be addressed at the Grant Lab, from brainstorming, grant/project planning, and funding research, to proposal writing. The services offered in the Grant Lab are closely coordinated with existing services offered by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and intended to provide faculty with additional support in their grant seeking efforts. For more information about the Lab’s services go to this website.

Rose & Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center

Located on the north side of the Alvin Sherman  Library, this theater is a facility managed by the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. For more information, call (954)262-5480 or visit http://www.miniacipac.com/.

Technology Facilities

With offices on 1st floor of the library and managed by the NSU Office of Innovation and Information Technologies (OIIT), Technology Facilities maintains the public computers, software, and laptops available for use by both the NSU community and  public patrons.

Do not leave equipment unattended.
Laptops are checked out for a  3-hour loan. You may check-it out again for an additional 3 hours if there is no waiting.
All laptops are due no later than 30 minutes prior to Library closing.
Laptops are NOT allowed to leave the Alvin Sherman Library.
No overnight loan.
An NSU ID or Alvin Sherman Library Card with picture ID is required to check-out a laptop.
Fines will be assessed for any physical damage. If a laptop is lost or stolen, you will be held responsible and charged the price amount to replace it.
Software request will be considered only if copyright information is available at the time of installation

For more information about these services, call (954)262-4700.

Public Safety

A campus-wide service for the security and protection of the NSU campus and community, Public Safety has a desk at the entrance of the library. Public Safety officers are available at all times when the building is open. For assistance call 954-262-8999. PS also serve  as a contact point for Library’s Lost & Found.

Vending Machines

There are three vending machines, one with snacks and the other with beverages, located in the photocopier room on the third floor and one with snacks in the photocopier room on the second floor. Both rooms are in the southwest corner of the building. Please be considerate of others when consuming food in the library and remove all trash.

West End Ave. Deli

Located on the first floor of the library,  behind the public elevators. the Deli is operated by NSU’s Shark Dining and offers beverages and light refreshments.  Hours vary depending on whether NSU is in session or not. For more information see Shark Dining.