This short video about the Testing and Education Reference Center database will show you how to access education and career tools, which includes test preparation, scholarships, career assessment, and resume building.

Find more scholarship resource information here, and more information about career resources on this page.

Video transcript:

  • Welcome to this short video about Testing and Education Reference Center. This database provides education and career tools including test preparation, scholarships and resume building.
  • From the main page of the database, click the College Prep Tools tab in the top menu to find College and Test Prep materials.
  • For SAT Prep tools click the SAT link, and on the next page click SAT Practice Tests. The SAT Prep page also provides a full online SAT course, books and other related SAT resources.
  • To find scholarships for graduate study click the Grad School Tools tab and then click the Graduate Scholarship Search link.
  • On the next page click the Graduate Scholarship Search link to begin your search. This page also provides various graduate program search tools.
  • To find resources for career help, click the Career Tools tab, and then click the Build a Resume link to get step-by-step help with creating your resume.
  • On the next page click Start Now to create your resume with guided help.
  • The Career Tools section also provides certification exam prep, a career assessment tool and a virtual career library with job-seeking tips.
  • For more help with using Testing and Education Reference Center please contact the Sherman Library Reference desk.