This short video will show you how to use the ABI/Inform Collection database to look for articles about organizational culture by building a search strategy about the culture of a specific company.

This video demonstrates searching for articles in ABI/Inform Collection. See the Navigating the Alvin Sherman Library Homepage video for more information about getting to databases from the library’s homepage.

Video Transcript:

This video will show you how to use the ABI/Inform Collection Database to look for articles about organizational culture.

In this example we are trying find information about a specific company’s corporate culture. Let’s use Microsoft as an example.

Instead of searching anywhere for the use of the word Microsoft, we will search for Microsoft as a Company/Organization. To do that, I’ll click on the dropdown menu and change it to “Company/Organization—ORG” under Subject Heading.

Our next search term should be “organizational culture”. Make sure you put quotation marks around the phrase to keep the words together.

Another phrase for organizational culture is “corporate culture.” Since these terms are interchangeable we use the OR operator.

Because we only want articles that talk about culture as the main part of the article, we can tell the database to search for those words only in the abstract of the article.

Now the database will find articles that contain the terms (Microsoft AND “organizational culture”) OR (Microsoft AND “corporate culture”).

Moving down the Advanced Search page, we can see that there are additional search limiters. Here we can indicate that we only want articles from scholarly journals and/or peer reviewed journals or that we only want articles from the past five years. For now, let’s leave that all open.

Looking at the results, you can see some information about each article, such as the title, author, journal, date, etc.

To find out more information about the article you can use the preview link. This link shows you more information including the full abstract and subject headings for the article.

Remember that if you have any questions about finding articles, please contact the Alvin Sherman Library.