About the Circle of Friends

Discover our Mission:

Since May 5, 1999, the mission of Circle of Friends of the NSU Alvin Sherman Library has been to attract and maintain a diverse group of individuals and corporations who share the common goal of furthering the intellectual resources of the NSU Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center, and generating public interest and support of it.

Help Make a Difference in Your Community

Together, Circle of Friends serves to:

    • Promote the development and achievements of the Library
    • Encourage greater visibility and interaction between the Library and the      University,
      it’s host community, alumni and friends
    • Enrich the cultural life of the University and its larger community through funding of
      special exhibits, programs, and collections
    • Support the goals of the Library through volunteer activities and programs
    • Assist in developing resources to benefit the Library and its departments and
    • Serve as a liaison with the private sector and build strong relationships between the Library, corporations, and foundations.