Metamorphosis and Metaphor (Life and Death)

Metamorphosis and Metaphor (Life and Death) is a display of artwork inspired by Franz Kafka’s short story Metamorphosis done by the ARTS 2800 Three-Dimensional Design class working with instructor Robert Jones.

Using papier-mâché, NSU’s Farquhar College art students have  created a bigger than life size entomological display featuring creepy creatures familiar to us all. A praying mantis stands tall, a mosquito buzzes overhead and a snail slides across the floor.  These and other insects will be on display in the  Alvin Sherman Library Atrium through the end of April.

Artists and pieces:

Juan C. Aquino, Cipangopaludina Japonica, River Snail
Felicia S. Bell, Apis Mellifera, Honey Bee
Amanda Y. Choi, Odontolabis Femoralis, Stag Beetle
Michelle A. Falcon, Manduca Quinquemaculata, Lepidoptera, Tomato Hornworm
Stephanie C. Johnston, Atta Cephalotes, Worker Ant
Roxana Lifshitz,  Anisoptera, Dragonfly
Samantha A. Manuel, Coccinellidea, Ladybug (Ladybird)
Takara S. Martin, Haplopelma lividum, Cobalt Blue Tarantula
Mikaela Myers. Mantis Religiosa, European Praying Mantis
Sarah G. Pastor, Mantodea, Praying Mantis
Michael Frasier L. Poorman,  Culicidae, Mosquito

Location: 1st floor - Atrium ( Directions, Weather )

3100 Ray Ferrero Jr Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Other Dates For This Event:

Cost: Free and open to the public

Contact Info

Nora Quinlan

Phone: 954-262-4637